i still don’t understand the whole “fake geek girl” thing like????

oh, you caught me dude, I stayed up till 6am reading a 50,000 word fic about tony stark and steve rogers having butt sex just to impress you

alright people I got tagged (thanks bienski)

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seriously I was all immersed in my biology stuff like resting potential hell yea and now all I’ve got is a headache and an incredible feeling of anger rising up inside me

I’ve been sitting in this meadow in my neighbourhood for a while now just studying and enjoying myself and suddenly some guy came along, seated himself a few feet away from me and started playing the didgeridoo?? what the hell dude


The Grand Budapest Hotel by Wes Anderson

"Odd Future got banned from New Zealand because of their lyrics? That’s nothing, I got banned from Tescos because I wouldn’t stop drawing faces on the bananas. Your move, Tyler."
- Thom Yorke (via genuinethomyorkequotes)
Animated Nightcrawler - X-Men